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~ Friday, May 11 ~

Wurm Online restructuring

Hiya, this is Rolf, CEO of Code Club AB - the developers of Wurm Online.

There’s been some interesting issues with PHP which we used extensively for wiki, forum, blog and general web pages. Basically our website was hacked into serving malicious web pages so we will stop hosting such services ourselves.

The most important thing is that you can click the play now button, packs are properly downloaded and the game starts.

I have never felt safe with PHP. We’re moving away from that now, which will mean that a lot of what has been done previously may be lost.

We’ll see how much can be saved. The way I see it is that it’s a fresh safe beginning. We won’t host these sites ourselves but rather use sites that have dedicated personnel managing it. Hosting stuff “In the cloud” as they call it. Good stuff.

We were actually already developing a new website because I’ve been wanting to move away from PHP for quite a while but it’s not ready yet. We’ll see how we solve the intermediate hosting and content distribution and it will probably change a bit during the upcoming weeks.

We’re three employees trying to deliver the MMO many of you dream about, so I’d ask you to please bear with us. We get enourmous support from the people helping us out of course but it’s still pretty small staff for running an MMO. Rest assured we do our best.

We’ll have this sorted in a few weeks!

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