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~ Friday, December 21 ~

A note about the recent fence bug

A couple of days ago a bug emerged where creatures like horses which are stored in pens were able to escape their enclosures on Wednesday’s maintenence restart. We thought we fixed this but during today’s restart the issue happened again.

As far as we know, the issue is fixed and creatures should no longer be able to get out of their enclosures during restarts.

We’re sorry for any lost creatures but we will be unable to assist in getting those back as the scale of that operation is too vast for our resources and rollbacks cause many problems of their own. We hope that creatures may not have wandered too far from where they are supposed to be, and that the timing was not too inconvenient.

In game development, bugs arise unexpectedly from time to time and some of those can be damaging and annoying to a large portion of our community. In an indie game such as Wurm, this is probably more likely to happen but in general we have seen very few of these types of issues so for that we can be thankful.

Ross Whiting - poseidon@wurmonline.com
Public Relations Manager

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